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Down to basics.


We are here to create graphic design and illustrations simply and affordable for the small business and individual.  We know you don't want flashy gimmicks you just want a logo, recognizable brand or an eye-popping resume.  Perhaps you need an illustration for a magazine article or a poster design for a charity auction. 

WE do specialize in document design and illustration.  Reports, stationary, flyers, brochures and marketing material are standard, but we do have a service once reserved for businesses but we offer to individuals seeking employment: the job seekers packet. Business card, stationary and resume with a single design style to show professional goals and intent.

Book and magazine illustrations are among our favorite projects.  WE have created for local newspapers, fanzines and book-covers.  WE have the skills and training from a traditional art background to digital art (including 3d illustration).  Come in look around and enjoy.

We are hosting a fundraising campaign for our furry friend, Magic.  Please read and help out.